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Hard Techno / Industrial

Is a young upcoming Manchester based Industrial/Hard Techno DJ/Producer with a Nigerian/Malaysian ethnic background, his sets include hard industrial techno, acid, schranz, hard dance, hardstyle/hardcore and raw rave melodies.

Inspired by the sounds of raw techno and the dark techno sound from the 90s and 00s. YEMO is starting to bring techno sounds together with his self taught music style by experimenting different types such as Industrial, Hard Techno, Hardcore, Schranz, Gabber, Acid, Hard House and Early Hardstyle.

YEMO is a passionate DJ and an upcoming producer with some upcoming releases, his tracks is influenced and characterised for heavy kicks, raw synths, dark ambience and high energy beats. Hoping to get his first EP released by the end of the year.  YEMO gets the floor pumping with energy with his fast paced hard hitting tune selections with his love for styles of techno music and getting heard to make people enjoy the journey and listening to the meaning of Hard Industrial Techno.

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