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Hard Techno / Schranz / Industrial

Mzperx is a Dj and music producer. His main genres include Hard Techno and Hardcore, but his influences include a wide range of genres including Neorave, Schranz, Frenchcore, Trance, Industrial, Hardtekk. From dark depths of fast beats to brainshaking hardcore trough happier styles he cover a palette of genres in his music journey. 

Mzperx has worked together/remixed by artists like Creeds, Per Pleks, David Temessi, Schiere, Zeltak. He has released music on the biggest labels in Hard Techno music; Dsr Digital, Reckless Records, Blackworks, Rave Alert, COLOR (Trym), Innergate, Jahanam to name a few, but also he released many tracks at his own label 4400, including "Ah Shit" "Fuck That Feelin" "No Ceiling" "Around The World Mzperx edit" and many more. 


Mzperx’s songs are constantly played by the biggest djs of the scene around the globe at events like Awakenings, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Verknipt by artists such as: 999999999, Nico Moreno, Dyen, Charlotte de Witte, Trym, ØTTA, Stan Christ, Pet Duo, Gordo, SNTS, Paula Temple, Marika Rossa and more.

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